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Colonialism No More Standing Strong

These summer days may be getting hotter, but the protesters are standing their ground
by brett nielsen

After initially arising from the suicide crisis at Attawapiskat First Nation, this movement with a camp in Winnipeg and other actions in various cities across Canada has broadened its scope to all issues facing Canadians, which disproportionately affect Indigenous populations

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Sask. Science Center Releases Bats


Since October, the Saskatchewan Science Centre and the Biology department at the University of Regina have been working in partnership to foster bats found in places that are not ideal for hibernation.

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URSU Update


Since orientation, McKenzie says he has been in meetings with “various university departments and other groups that are closely associated to [URSU’s] services.”

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Ending the unwinnable war

Drug war

"People are finally catching on to the fact that laws designed to enforce “morality” violate the core principles of liberal society." - Scott Pettigrew

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TSN versus Sportsnet

Time to place your bets, folks!/ Brett Nielsen

With TSN, you get everything. The highlights, the analysis shows, the breakdowns of every trade, free agent signings, the league business news, everything involving the game… except the actual game -- Konstantin Kharitonov

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