The Carillon



A cougar. Far more intimidating than a gopher/Haley Klassen

Origins of the Cougar name

“The feline insignia so many of us sport, low-crouching and tensed for challenge, is representative of the development and progress of this institution.“ –Alex Antoneshyn

  • A rare example of a full bleachers./Arthur Ward

    Building pride at the U of R

    “Quite simply, students lack when it comes to game attendance. Fortunately, the University of Regina Alumni Association (URAA) is taking action. The URAA has established a strategic plan with one main mission—build pride.” –Suzanne Barber

  • Who’s going to win the Fall Classic? Take your pick!/Haley Klassen

    The wonders of playoff baseball

    “How can you not love a team that works its but off to score runs, playing small ball, stealing bases, and just generally being loveable?” – Matt Wincherauk

  • I’ve been everywhere man/Haley Klassen

    There’s snow better vacation

    However, these favourites of mine become slightly less important when I can tell you I can cheer for Team Canada alongside the millions of other Canadians including the friend that “doesn’t like sports”, brother who usually cheers for the Edmonton Eskimos and the stranger you hug when Canada scores a goal.” –Bram

Arts & Culture

Om nom nom nom nom / Patrick Fitzgerald

Does turkey make you sleepy?

“Yes, turkey is notorious for putting the sleepy in those who devour it. The question is does it really make us sleepy?” – Liam Fitz-Gerald

  • So much nom nom / Dana Payne

    Poetry Corner

    “Fruit and Veg are at war with each other.” – John Loeppky

  • Good ol' William jamming out / Dragon

    Regina Band Interview Series: Dragon

    “I can’t eat ice cream–I’m lactose-intolerant. My life is so tragic.” – William Wenaus

  • Hey there boys. / Martin H.

    A review on Trailer Park Boys Season 8

    “There’s romance, drama, a shit ton of drugs and alcohol, which equals into a damn good season produced by the Trailer Park Boys.” – Brady Lang


Special Feature

Sports Roundtable

A new episode is released here every week!


  • Be honest: you had no idea there were by-elections going on this week./ Taras Matkovsky

    Students need to vote

    “If only half of a country is voting, is it truly a democracy?”

  • Beware of what comes out of your laptop (especially if you go this website)/ Sabrina Millis

    Rage against the machine

    “Maybe we need some sort of new monasticism: instead of fleeing the cities for simple communal living in the isolation of the desert, we abandon the Internet for purer unmediated relations in the city.”

  • The colourful harbingers of winter./ Taras Matkovsky

    I’m dreaming of a brown Christmas

    “You will only give up walking outside when doing so could result in limb loss because, to borrow from a certain beer commercial, YOU ARE CANADIAN!”

  • Get ready to take out lots of money from here./ Haley Klassen

    Price squeeze

    “The end result would lead to university students barely able to support themselves, let alone think about starting a family.”