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The sports world has been insane in 2014./Haley Klassen

A look back

“Professional sports, long a stronghold for stark inequalities, got a little bit less intolerant over the past year.” –John Loeppky

  • Do we really need a stadium with a perfectly functioning one in place?/SJS12

    Of football stadiums and pools

    “As long as there is a summer, there will never be a point where outdoor swimming won’t be popular in urban Regina; if the Riders continue playing like the teams of the 1990s, it’s likely their popularity will return to the levels of the 1990s.” –John Kapp

  • Talking about conquering it all./Photo Courtesy of Mike Smith/U of R

    A season to remember

    “While having the leagues top hitter and MVP on the team seems like a gift in itself, the Cougars also had the best pitcher in the league.” –Bram Lerat

Arts & Culture

Carillon Multimedia

Theoren Fleury was able to sit down with Multimedia Editor Brady Lang and speak about his new book, motivational speaking, mental illness and of course, hockey. Fleury will be speaking on Friday, November 28th from 7-9 at the University of Regina as part of the University of Regina Students Union's Mental Wellness Week. Remember to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at @the_carillon.

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Special Feature


  • This doesn’t become right if you’re a professor./ Haley Klassen

    Plagiarism is plagiarism

    “It’s no wonder students dread plagiarism. What happens if an instructor commits an act of plagiarism?”

  • One of many blocks to the pipeline./ Ekabhishek

    The impossible pipeline

    “I see the pipeline, if on the off chance it is actually built, creating so few jobs that its potential economic impact on the country will be virtually zero.”