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  • Soloman Ratt recently published nêwo mêskanawa, or Four Roads a Cree book. / Haley Klassen
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    The state of the Cree language in Saskatchewan

    “It’s good because they are still able to keep [and] practice their language, but it’s bad because in order for them to preserve their language, they have to remain isolated,” – Roman Young

  • Let’s face it, we’ve all been here at one point or another. / Matthew Barre
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    With whom do you trust your deepest secrets?

    : “I feel like the real-life Gossip Girl, being an admin and the creator of the URC page and knowing what everyone is up to at the university,” – “Sam” The U of R Confessions creator

  • The women’s centre has adopted the Yes means Yes to clarify when consent is given. / Haley Klassen
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    From no to yes and beyond

    “silence is not tacit compliance, and consent should not be passive, it should be an enthusiastic yes” – Jill Arnot

  • Seems silly we aren’t allowed to use these to better report on student affairs. / Michael Chmielewski
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    UPDATED: Recording banned at URSU meetings

    As the Carillon went to press Oct. 28, URSU hasn’t posted any board minutes online since the July 29 meeting, in direct contradiction of their constitution, which mandates that “all minutes must be published on the URSU website and in hard copy within fourteen days.”


Our girls have shown they have what it takes to potentially go all the way./Haley Klassen

Sports roundtable

“As far as journalists go, I’m not sure. As far as players go, It would feel good to tell Phil Kessel to go have another bag of chips.” –Suzanne Barber

  • When shooting a half-court shot, make sure you have a good running start./Haley Klassen

    Free beer and free tuition

    “Now, students can not only take in tailgate parties with free food and drinks, but also potentially win their tuition at half time. All students are encouraged to come out and cheer on our athletes!” –Suzanne Barber

  • Why is this a name we’re still celebrating?/Keith Allison

    What’s wrong with: Offensive team names

    “The Washington Redskins are the cornerstone to this and with the amount of world attention it has received, I am confident more changes are to come in the future.” –Bram Lerat

Arts & Culture

  • The thin line between love and hate. / Haley Klassen

    Poetry Corner – love and hate

    “I love cats and kittens. Fluffy or not fluffy, I will pet them all day.” – Destiny Kaus

  • The U of R has some awesome art around and about. / Liam Fitz-Gerald

    Second Story #4 Revealed

    “Trees can live for hundreds of years… and in a very short time, they have mostly disappeared in North America. With a little extra thought, time and energy, rather than throwing things out and constantly wanting the latest and newest, we can make change and help preserve what is left.” – Sean Whalley

Carillon Multimedia

U of R Rams Head Coach Frank McCrytal is retiring at seasons end. Sports Editor Matt Wincherauk and Contributor John Loeppky were able to sit down with McCrystal, Athletic Director Dick White, and Rams wideout Addison Richards to speak on the career of McCrystal and the effect McCrystal had on them. You can read our published article at also don't forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at @carillon_sports.

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  • The root of the smart meter sorcery./ Daryl Mitchell

    Not-so-smart meters

    “And all that was before houses started burning down.”

  • Big Hipster is judging your society./ Spencer Reid

    Enough Orwell is enough!

    “The argumentum ad Orwellium is sufficient to show why society is flawed.”

  • Can you think beyond what Newton first discovered?/ Haley Klassen

    Researching for meaning

    “The first modern scientists were not merely professionals working in labs, but philosophers seeking to examine an existing social order.”