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  • Left to right: Darlene Juschka, Const. Josh Potter, Crystal Giesbrecht, Diane Delaney. / Lauren Neumann
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    Bill C-36: Round-table discussion

    “I cannot endorse Bill C-36, as it continues to stigmatize sex work and sex workers and in the process, disenfranchises them, even as it purports to rescue them.” – Darlene Juschka

  • The temporary victory of the “No” vote. / Jingyu Zhang
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    Scotland rejects independence

    “There will always be another referendum as long as the Scottish National Party continues to believe in independence”. – Dr. John Conway

  • True love / Michael Chmielewski
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    Don’t date in University

    “Even though you’re broke as hell and survive on KD and Lucky Lager, this is truly the best time of your life. Go out there and experiment.” – Brady Lang

  • Well, hello there, fellows. / Slackers Music Inc.
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    The triumphant return of The Slackers

    “We play Jamaican rock ‘n roll. By that, I mean you can hear the Jamaican ska and reggae in our music, but then we sing with our own American accents.” – David Hillyard

  • Climate change is happening now, world leaders need to address this issue. / Karl432
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    Day of action on climate change

    As of Sept. 15, Avaaz, a global agency promoting activism and community change, has reported that 2,829 events have been registered, occurring in countries in South America, North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia.


Is there actually a commissioner worse than Dictator Goodell?/Spencer Reid


“Gary fuckin’ Bettman.” –Brady Lang

  • Face it. You probably need an excuse to work out/Michael Chmielewski

    No Excuses!

    “I left the class feeling refreshed and relaxed rather than destroyed, yet woke up the next morning with plenty of sore muscles.” –Suzanne Barber

  • Some Argos fans are just fashionably late/John Griffiths

    Canadian Failing League?

    “There is hope on the horizon that it won’t become known as the Canadian Failing League. At least, not yet.” –John Loeppky

  • So damn fast/Haley Klassen

    Cougars Dominate Home Race

    “Cross country might not be for everyone in terms of excitement, but there’s nothing like watching a pulse-pounding final stretch of a race” –Matt Wincherauk

Arts & Culture

Skulls for days / Laura Billett

The mystery of the Classroom Building mural is solved!

“Those green and orange circles that I pondered over are actually pots that Sures threw, cut in pieces, then put on the wall. No matter how weird they look, that is impressive!” – Laura Billett

  • Those two would probably be better as Mario characters anyway / kyle leitch

    The strange and terrible Ford saga

    “No more mushrooms, no more coins, no more fun.” – Kyle Leitch

  • Smokin’ and singin’ / Eden Rohatensky

    Coffee with singer/songwriter “Eden the Cat”

    “[Amateur] was really an experiment to see how far I could push myself and what I could learn in a short period of time.” – Eden Rohatensky

  • Those sunglasses though… / Laura Billett

    Cartooning + writing = Rolli

    “I start the day with a lot of coffee. I always say when I get up in the morning it’s, ‘One: rise. Two: coffee. Three: shine.’ I drink up to a couple dozen cups of coffee a day.” – Rolli


Special Feature

Sports Roundtable

A new episode is released here every week!


  • The gateway to venerable knowledge./ Michael Chmielewski

    Classically brilliant

    ” If you’re still not convinced to take some more Classics, you should know that Classics majors are relatively successful after graduation.”

  • U of R is good. It is life./ Haley Klassen

    It’s good to go here.

    “The University of Regina may be small, and I laugh at all the jokes made at its expense, but we’re a heavy hitter in terms of research. “

  • Use this to discover some SCIENCE!/ Michael Chmielewski

    Scientific delusions

    “At some point, we ourselves must learn to discover.”

  • Nothing unholy will come of this union/ Jingyu Zhang

    No Timbit tantrums

    “It was during this period of foreign ownership that [Tims] really took off as a Canadian company.”