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Champions in business and sports/Jared Schlecte

Business and sports all in one

“The team overall has performed exceptionally well in the past and is building a reputation as one of the best business schools in Western Canada. What’s more, this team has genuine pride.” –Suzanne Barber

  • We don’t actually have a real roundtable in which to talk sports/Haley Klassen

    Sports roundtable

    “I really could not care less. Whomever Drake cheers for the hardest.” –Brady Lang

  • So much pink. My poor eyes./Keri Marcouillier

    Think pink

    “The point is simple. Giving to charity is important and admirable, but choosing ‘sexy’ charities that allow you to attract new audiences, make cute toques and promote an organization is not.” –Suzanne Barber

  • The basket. The Cougars natural enemy./Haley Klassen

    New faces and new leaders

    “Beyond the scope of becoming a stronger or faster player, Travis most notably stressed the importance of being a team leader this season, since he’s one of the most tenured players on the team right now.” –Matt Wincherauk

Arts & Culture

Awww…two happy little dolls. / Katelyn Billett

Some Halloween creative writing

“They were determined to trick-or-treat adult style – a.k.a. show up at everyone’s house that you know and demand alcohol or chocolate.” – Laura Billett

  • I almost had it, there. / Kyle Leitch

    Kyle vs. the Necronomicon

    “The old crone began to foam at the mouth and convulse violently. I stepped gingerly over her twitching form, and headed for the ‘New Age Spirituality’ section.” – Kyle Leitch

  • Puppies go to hell. / Hell Hounds

    Regina Band Interview Series: Hell Hounds

    “I heard the Twilight books know about love. I should really read those.” – Joseph Maciag

  • Goin’ to the gun show. / John Kapp

    Some amazing militia madness

    “The book itself is well-written, however there are some clear translation issues in AK Press’ English edition by Paul Sharkey.” – John Kapp


Special Feature

Carillon Multimedia

The Carillon was able to speak to students on the recent Ottawa tragedy. Check out their responses and comment your takes on the incident. Make sure to follow us on twitter at @the_carillon and like us on Facebook!