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  • Budgets and new policy, the life of an URSU executive. / Brady Lang
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    URSU in 2014 and 2015

    “Don’t forget, all four of us are students at the same time. Sometimes the workload just gets out of hand.” – Devon Peters

  • First you get the coffee, then you get the power, then you get the women. / Brett Nielsen
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    The coffee addiction phenomenon

    “Well, by this point I’m pretty sure I have an addiction. I fear that if I try to quit cold turkey, I’ll get the shakes and splitting headaches.” – Alec Salloum

  • That’s a nice door. / Arthur Ward
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    Beats and more beats

    “Well, my friends, few people know about the IMP Labs because it’s tucked away in the asshole of the university.” – Destiny Kaus


“Go football!”/BorgQueen

Sports roundtable

“The memes surrounding last year’s Super Bowl. My personal favourite: “Not since the OJ chase has America been so disappointed by a slow, white Bronco.” Stay classy, Internet.” –Kyle Leitch

  • Addison leaves the Rams as one of the most elite football players in school history./Arthur Ward

    Former Ram ready to enter the world of pro-football

    “Richards is a pragmatic student athlete who seems ready for whatever challenges football and life will throw his way.” –John Kapp

  • Prepared to rain down threes./Arthur Ward

    Cougars spotlight: Katie Polischuk

    “Team goal we had was to get to final four. We knew coming into the season that it was going to be tough because there are so many good teams in our conference however; we are confident that if we can get to final four, we will be able to grind out a win and get to nationals.” –Katie Polischuk

Arts & Culture

Look at that handsome fellow. / The Weinstein Company/Black Bear Pictures

The Imitation Game kicks butt

“If you decide to see The Imitation Game, prepare to be charmed by the socially awkward Turing.” – Alex Antoneshyn

Carillon Multimedia

Last week, URSU held their inagural Frost Week with events such as their Winter Carnival, the Snowball Gala, and Dollar Draft just to name a few. Multimedia Editor Brady Lang was able to sit down with the Frost Week committee and speak about the events and the process of Frost Week. If you have any comments or suggestions please email Brady at Remember to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at @the_Carillon. Thanks for watching!

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Special Feature


  • Don’t be afraid to be there for people in need./ Alec Salloum

    The pain of anomie

    “My question to you is the following: how can one develop personal problems without interacting with others?”

  • Just another annoying piece of mainstream propaganda./ Alec Salloum

    I am not Charlie

    “One of the cartoonists who survived the attack reportedly said, ‘We vomit on those who suddenly declared that they were our friends.’”

  • The confession may be fake, but China’s moral failures are real./ Michael Chmielewski

    China’s freedom failures

    “We speak out when journalists are unjustly targeted on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri. Let’s do the same when journalists are targeted in the courts of Beijing, China.”