The Carillon



  • Joey Chestnut has some competition/Haley Klassen


    “(On where LeBron will end up in free agency) maybe he’ll go to Toronto, just kidding.” –Taylor Sockett

  • Waiting for the fans/Eija

    Van Eaton staying focused throughout the summer

    “The rain didn’t affect me at all, I love running in the rain! It’s so much better running in the rain than in +30 weather.” –Jesse Van Eaton

  • Can’t photograph people in the gym, don’t ya know/Haley Klassen

    Tait Nystuen- the U of R’s rising star

    “It is about routine and being consistent with your lifestyle and training. That adds up, especially when needing to beat someone by tenths or hundredths of a second.” –Tait Nyusten

Arts & Culture

Too far?

How the CBC buried itself

“The government still controls the purse strings very tightly. If it falls in a barrel of shit, it’s going to come out smelling as such.”

  • Oooooooooooh prettttttttttty./Alex Gueth


    “That’s part of the gig with the glass blowing community: you are going to get burned.” – Doug Frates.

  • I want a tattoo like that.../Haley Klassen

    Flashin’ Fashion with Dean Renwick

    “This season women need to lose those big hobo bags and opt for something a little more streamlined and tailored.” – Dean Renwick

  • Behind dem 'ol' bars again./Haley Klassen

    Somethin’ about Orange is the New Black

    “After binge-watching both seasons myself, they got me thinking: why is this show so darn popular?” – Jessie Anton


Special Feature


  • All of this is more stimulating than economics /Spencer Reid

    Smarten Up, Econ!

    “Economics today is an outlier in Arts because it does not promote critical thinking.”

  • This will pay off eventually / Haley Klassen

    Think About Philosophy

    How thinking about thinking benefits you! Author: Neil Middlemiss As the following year approaches, many students will…

  • Could Broten beat Wall over this too? / Haley Klassen

    Trouble in Wall’s Paradise

    “I think it is not a question of if the Saskatchewan Party will lose support in the fall sitting, but how much the support drop will be.”

  • PROF TEARS! (Student tears also included.)/Haley Klassen

    Don’t worship your heroes

    “And here lies the danger of worshipping your heroes: they never really act like the way you’d expect.”


That big eye makes this phantom look more like a Cyclops /Image:

The Phantom returns

DJI’s Phantom gets a major upgrade Article: Arthur Ward – Technical Editor I’m sure we all have seen…

Nobody likes a bad apple ?Image: Arthur Ward

Bad Apples

“Affected users will have to schedule an appointment with an Apple Genius (Apple certified customer support technician) at their local Apple retail store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider to get their device replaced.” –Arthur ward


A product review of the Nintendo 2DS

“The 2DS is also about $40 cheaper than the 3DS which will be a good incentive for parents to pick it up as a stocking stuffer this Christmas Eve.” – Arthur Ward