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I am a 4th political science student who loves reading, writing, studying languages, reporting, playing music (metal, if you got it), conversation, amongst many other eclectic interests. Proud to be in my second year as Editor-in-Chief of the Carillon, and even more proud of the amazing staff that I work with. Festina Lente.

URSU election results announced

Devon Peters wins second term; Yes side wins U-Pass referendum The 2015 University of Regina Students’ Union (URSU) election results are in. Incumbent President Devon Peters beat his opponent Daniella Zemlak to win a second term. Peters won 1626 votes to Zemlak’s 1177. The Yes side of the referendum question, of whether or not URSU should negotiate a universal bus pass (U-Pass) with the city, also won 1520 to 1278. The new URSU executive, who ...

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UPDATED: Anti-homosexual “activists” Whatcott and LaBarbera may be coming to the U of R today

They were arrested here April 14, 2014. UPDATED 4:19 p.m. Oct. 30, 2014. Below we’ve kept our original article that we ran earlier in the day. We had good reason (President’s letter and the two men’s website) at the time to believe that Whatcott and LaBarbera would show up on campus. There’s been no sighting of them, and we’ve heard they aren’t coming. They obviously, judging from their website’s posts, have a desire to come ...

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