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URSU To Hold By-Election

As representatives of the students’ union, we can’t really choose a side for the students because there are students on both sides of the argument. I have students coming up to me saying I don’t really like Vianne and I have students saying I do really like Vianne. We need to focus on that this isn’t really a good use of university resources. - Nathan Sgrazzutti, President of URSU

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Audit Shows U of R’s Research Needs to Shape Up

“Research plays a key role in universities. The audit outlines that the amount and quality of research academic staff partake in, funding permitting, and with publications of research results, are key to staff being tenured and promoted. Protecting the interests of the University’s research is also important, as negative effects of unprotected research could be detrimental. Risk of loss of reputation, and difficulty recruiting new academic staff, and having less of an ability to attract research funding are a few of the consequences that are possible, the audit states.”

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Terry Fox Fundraiser to come to campus

Cancer is something that has touched everyone at some point in their lives. We all have a loved one who was lost because of cancer, or we know of someone who has lost a person they love to cancer. It's a cause that we all have a reason to fight for and I hope my fellow students join the cause in any way they can.” – Olivia Hellman

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Chemical weapons used in Syria

“On Sunday, Obama began campaigning to Congress for support to do a punitive strike against the Syrian government, while Kerry tried to rally international allies. New evidence repeatedly came out from the US government that the chemical attack had actually killed over 1,400.”

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