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Regina Band Series: Hoodoo

Musical magicians make magical music.   Regina’s music scene has a wide variety of different genres that caters to many groups of music fans. Each band brings something unique to the community and that can definitely be said for Hoodoo. Heavily influenced by jazz, blues, and hip hop, Hoodoo’s sound is a continuous jam with a free-flowing song structure relying heavily on improvisation that creates a playful environment for the listener, making a lot of ...

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Matt reviews the new Punisher series

Err… Daredevil season two Last semester I did a Jessica Jones season one review after binge-watching the entire damn thing in one night with a friend of mine. Last Friday, Daredevil season two dropped on Netflix, and while we weren’t able to finish it in one night, the binge-fest was still strong. So here’s my review of Daredevil season two, AKA, The Punisher Fucks Your Shit Up. While Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock is easily the ...

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