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3 things that happened at the U of R this week

Insensitivity abound! Article: Shaadie Musleh – Business Manager olitical, cultural, social, and economic insensitivity is not a new phenomenon. It is certainly not limited to the U of R. However, as an institution of higher learning, it is disconcerting that we live in a micro-bubble to the larger world around us. Three examples of our collective disconnection became noteworthy this week, namely, the 5 Days for the Homeless Campaign, Nahlah Ayed’s lecture, and the U ...

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Ukraine and Russia

Interwoven corruption and histories Article: Taylor Rattray – Contributor or the last few months, headlines regarding protests in the Ukraine have dominated the news. Now, Russian military troops are occupying the Crimean peninsula of Ukraine. Some believe this civil unrest could lead to a revolution or even a civil war in Ukraine. Dr. Martin Hewson, a political science professor at the University of Regina, explains how this all came to pass. Hewson states, “The old ...

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Confessions of a retail worker

Article: Autumn McDowell – Sports Editor urrently, I have three jobs, but I only really like one of them. That’s probably because the other two are in retail. Almost everyone has experienced the joys and miseries of a retail job at some point in their life; a job that you hold simply for the great discount, but have no intentions of making a career out of. Sound familiar? The truth is that, if it weren’t ...

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Horrific dissection

Confession of a fear junkie Article: Farron Ager – Oped Editor hy do you like horror so much?” This was a question posed to me by a friend, who, casually looking over my movie collection, noticed what he called a “disturbing trend.” It never really struck me as something worth serious thought, but, sure enough, as I pawed through my DVDs, a good 50 percent of them are just in the horror genre alone, from ...

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fleur de lis

Does a tweet signal separatism? Article: Charlie MacDonald – Contributor ports and politics tend to go hand in hand during all international competitions, but it’s less of a “you got chocolate in my peanut butter” relationship and more of a “you got chocolate on my pulled pork sandwich” relationship. This mash-up causes problems for sports fans, as it adds complications to something that we already enjoy. When Justine and Chloe Dufour-Lapointe went Gold-Silver in Moguls ...

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