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Military vets become political props

Article: Aidan Macnab – Contributor Usually when the Harper Government is criticized, the criticism is in conjunction with some “divisive smear campaign,” often done out of an unpatriotic desire to hurt the Canadian economy. Whenever it appears that they have made a mistake, lied, cheated in an election, or are just way, way, way too cozy with the oil industry, it’s an illusion caused by a treasonous attempt to rid Canada of jobs and prosperity. ...

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Million dollar question

Article: Paige Kreutzwieser – Staff Writer There is one word I would like to use to describe the recent financialdrama that is haunting the U of R reputation. That word starts with “cluster” and ends with something that my mother would likely disownme for using. But when you realize a $950,000 sign is being built on top of the$380,000 unearned overtime scandal and the newResidence building that is already $9,000,000 over budget, that “cluster” word ...

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U of R overtime pay scandal

…deans, associate vice-presidents, and directors across the University were instructed to review all overtime records and claims in their Faculties and administrative units, and to report any problems or anomalies to their vice-president. The following month, in October 2012, a review was undertaken of all overtime paid out over the previous 5 years. – Statement from President’s Office

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Drinking on Campus

The purpose was to make sure that students who were underage felt welcome and included in the activities [of the first weekend in residence]. That’s why we did it. - Lindsay Robertson, Assistant Manager of Residence Life at Residence Services

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URSU To Hold By-Election

As representatives of the students’ union, we can’t really choose a side for the students because there are students on both sides of the argument. I have students coming up to me saying I don’t really like Vianne and I have students saying I do really like Vianne. We need to focus on that this isn’t really a good use of university resources. - Nathan Sgrazzutti, President of URSU

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