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Hi everyone! I'm Annie Trussler: a creative writing geek, left-wing jackass, improviser, opinion haver, queer-coder, and full-time Star Wars fan. Let's get heard!

Goodbye, semester

As yet another semester comes to a close, I find myself reflecting on the absolute Red-Bull-fuelled enigma that was the last three to four months. I reflect on what I’ve done, what I failed to do, what I simply forgot to do, and what I “forgot” to do. I wonder if my accomplishments measure up to those around me, or if my essays are of a higher standard than most, or if, as a student, I am somehow contributing to the universe simply by existing. To those thoughts, I want to say “fuck you.”

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Call me by your name is garbage

Call me by Your Name is shit. I can say this as an active, little too loud gay person – this film is not the representation we want, even if cinema bluffs claim we do. First of all, apparently the director thinks movies don’t need narratives to succeed, and that’s bullshit. Any movie devoid of plot is a snore fest. Secondly, pedophilia is not inherently queer, and we don’t want that shit in our domain.

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Crush the NRA

In a way, I think, the fatalism and dark outlook on the future is a way for millennials to connect with one another. It is a way to acknowledge that you aren’t the only one who feels this way without having to say it. To translate it into the common millennial tongue, same.

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Discussing Colten Boushie

In 2016, in North Battleford, 22-year-old, Indigenous Colten Boushie lost his life. A white farmer named Gerald Stanley killed him via gunshot. Boushie was allegedly attempting to steal the farmer’s truck, and Stanley took action, claiming the gun fired by accident. This past week, Stanley has been acquitted, inspiring outrage across the country.

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