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The University of Regina’s thriving community fuels our content at the Carillon! If you’ve got a story worth sharing or are interested in contributing please let us know! Send an email to editor@carillonregina.com and subscribe to our pitch list!

The Other Woman sucks

A solid waste of life Article: Tatenda Chikukwa – Contributor The Other Woman is much more horrible than the trailer advertised. There are moments in this film where one wonders how such dribble could make it to the big screen. I honestly didn’t expect a masterpiece film, but I was surprised at how horrible it kept on getting. Just when you think it can’t get any worse or nonsensical, it does! From long-running pointless dialogue, ...

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Philosophy matters

Let’s sit down and think for a moment Article: Dan Sherven – Contributor peculiar thought to contemplate is that of multiverse theory. The theory states that there are an infinite amount of universes all co-existing at the exact same time in a larger multiverse. This is true to the extent that every single possible combination of events and subsequent effects has existed, will exist, or do exist. This means that every imaginable chain of decisions ...

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MH370: Organized Negligence or Displaced Political Anger?

Could politics be the reason for the missing plane? Article: Ravinesh Sakaran – Contributor alaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has confirmed that the missing Malaysian Airlines plane, MH370, went down in the southern Indian Ocean, citing a new analysis of satellite data by a British satellite company and accident investigators. According to CNN, Najib Razak’s statement comes after Malaysian Airlines sent a text message to all the relatives saying they “deeply regret that we have ...

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Toronto’s politics

Right versus Left: Fight! Article: Taras Matkovsky – Contributor eing a politics junkie, I always find time to follow the Toronto political scene. I am addicted to watching Rob Ford’s antics like – well, you know. But in all seriousness, I do hope that Toronto will vote Ford out of office this Oct. 27. And there certainly seems to be a lot of competition coming. As of writing this piece, up to 10 contenders have ...

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Only in a utopia

War to achieve utopia? Article: Eman Bare – News Writer he construction of a Utopian society where all man is equal has been harbored by dreamers and communists alike for generations, but is Utopia at all attainable? Although a world free of wars, where each and every individual has access to the same opportunities sounds pleasant, is it possible? In Letters to a Young Contrarian, Christopher Hitchens argues that man does not strive for perfect ...

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