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The University of Regina's thriving community fuels our content at the Carillon! If you've got a story worth sharing or are interested in contributing please let us know! Send an email to editor@carillonregina.com and subscribe to our pitch list!

A plea for more thoughtful sentencing

Animals are not property Article: Liam Fitz-Gerald – Contributor egina resident Lloyd Wilkinson has a long and sad twenty-five-year history of animal neglect. Some of his more egregious actions include providing deplorable living conditions for animals, failure to provide ample concern and nutrition for his pets and violating provisions that banned him from keeping any animals at the Wilkinson motel. According to the Leader Post, an individual in 2000 and in 2002, who just so ...

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U-Pass for you?

Considering riding the bus? Article: Hannah Elich and David Vanderberg rowing up, I found the idea of public transportation to be romantic. It was cooperative. It was communal. It was definitely cheaper than owning a car. But, I grew upon in small town Saskatchewan. Public transport isn’t a thing, because there isn’t generally a public to transport. As an adult, I live in a city (not Regina) and I’m sad to say, I don’t ever ...

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