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The University of Regina's thriving community fuels our content at the Carillon! If you've got a story worth sharing or are interested in contributing please let us know! Send an email to editor@carillonregina.com and subscribe to our pitch list!

Arts Roundtable – Send us your answers!

For we have many a question Participants: Robyn Tocker, John Loeppky, Tanner Aulie, Charlie Macdonald, Dana Morenstein   At the Public Forum on Oct. 24, Timmons mentioned a Liberal Arts Task Force. Do you think we need one/why? DM: It’s just another money grab. I’m so sick of all of this crap being done, committees and the like, as an excuse to ding students with another fee all in the name of getting shit done. RT: Depends ...

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Israel to Drill for Oil

“What rights? We have no rights in our homeland. It’s a struggle to come in and out of the country and even harder to move between cities to find jobs or food or anything. Israel does not want peace they want to kick us out and exterminate us from own country.” - Dana Al-Zabet

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Don’t feel bad, Dick

Article: John Loeppky – Contributor I write this in honour of Dick Cheney. Recently, he revealed that he had, at one point, tasked his doctor with disabling the wireless function on his pacemaker. You know, in case the “terrirists” (spelt the George Bush way) hacked into his pacemaker. What would they do? He already sent himself on a “hunting accident”. And so we have a list of things that should (for hilarity’s sake) be hacked ...

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RAMS football

Sung to the tune of Lanigan’s Ball Article: Farron Ager – Oped Editor and Autumn McDowell – Sports Editor An excerpt from Drinking Songs of the Academy In the town of Regina, one Ronnie Lancaster Brought the Riders to a state of good fame And grandson Mueller played, raised the Rams e’en faster! Plays on a field and ten bleachers for games He gave a grand party to friends and relations Who did not forget ...

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Aaron, where art thou?

Article: Ravinesh Sakaran – Contributor My knees went weak as I felt a wave of emotions hit me like rain of bullets piercing through my skin, numbing almost all of my senses; I could not believe my eyes as the breaking news flashed on my iPhone screen: Aaron Swartz, Internet Activist, dies at 26. I learnt of Aaron Swartz during my first year of college in the US; he was more like a folk hero ...

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