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The University of Regina's thriving community fuels our content at the Carillon! If you've got a story worth sharing or are interested in contributing please let us know! Send an email to editor@carillonregina.com and subscribe to our pitch list!

Bullying on school buses

“as bus drivers, our job is to get the kids to school safely. Our eyes are supposed to be in front of the bus instead of behind, but dealing with bullying you gotta keep in contact with the parents, and you gotta keep in contact with the principle and you try to work together to get it under control. It’s really difficult for bus drivers.” - Jean Reder, School Bus Driver

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Fun for the whole family!

Article: Dan Sherven – Contributor Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) is not the brain-numbing game that the Western media makes it out to be. While it is true that the player is able to commit car thefts, perform mass murders, have sex with prostitutes, fight over gang territory, and profit from the trafficking of drugs, there is actually a rich intellectual core to the game. Now, before we delve too deep into this, it ...

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The Case For Direct Democracy

Article: Ravinesh Sakaran – Contributor Andrew Coyne, a political columnist recently posted an article in the Walrus scrutinizing Members of Parliament (MPs) in the House of Commons(HOC), accusing them of acting as trained seals, adhering to every decision by the party leadership. Based on an exit interview with the MPs, Coyne went on to lambast the delusional MPs as they could not agree on the basic notion of “what they were elected to accomplish, or what the ...

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UR Witch-Hunt

Article: Tommy Douglass – Contributor When I first heard of the potential non-confidence vote, I was taken aback.  It seemed to me as though only a week ago it was March 2013 and the University of Regina made history with its first council meeting in twenty years.  I had attended the event and witnessed firsthand the frustration held by many faculty members. I remember three distinct voices. “We want to know who is accountable for ...

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Fangirl: taking it back

Article: Jessica Bickford – Contributor I was recently pointed to an article in Apex magazine by Deborah Stanish called “Fangirl Isn’t a Dirty Word,” and it really resonated with me.  I’m a self-professed fangirl; I obsess, indulge, and sometimes even wallow in my chosen fandoms.  I cosplay, buy art, and generally surround myself with the fandoms that make me happy.  I’ll talk for hours about Sherlock, or Deadpool, or the Bat family, or speak to you ...

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A Guide to YouTube Immortality

Article: John Loeppky – Contributor So, you want to become a YouTube star. Well, you sir or ma’am are in luck. I have the tools that will get you either stardom or infamy. Here are multiple ways to begin such an odyssey. The paths are as varied as they are treacherous. Old channels that used to have thousands of views and subscribers litter the paths, but you must persevere. See not the corpses of what ...

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Confront the reality of rape culture

Article: Sonia Stanger – Contributor By now, you’ve probably heard about the pro-rape chants that took place during frosh events at not one, but two Canadian universities this month. While many media outlets made the disappointing decision to report on these disgusting displays as “sex chants,” some, including the Carillon, rightfully indicated that this is a prime example of the fact that we live in a rape culture. Rape culture refers to a culture where ...

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