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Even Mayor Fougere wouldn’t live there

I guess it is sort of pretty, in an industrial, polluting kind of way

I was going to save this for the second Hate Feature (first one is here) that is coming out Thursday, but once I started writing I realized that all that needed to be said about this subject could not fit into the hundred words that the Hate Feature gives me. The new Somerset neighbourhood development that Regina City Council approved on Monday, March 18 is a terrible idea on every single level and demonstrates everything ...

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Wolseley: Canada’s Worst Neighbourhood

Last week, the Federal riding redistribution commission made their preliminary report and suggested new Federal ridings for Saskatchewan. While these new riding divisions are a marked improvement over the ridings that we currently have, which throw generally progressive urban voters together with their more conservative rural cousins, one major oversight appears to have been made with the riding of Regina-Qu’Appelle. While Regina will now have two nearly-exclusive urban ridings if the new plans are approved, ...

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SPOILER: Mary Poppins kills Voldemort

I think Harry Potter might need some help.

So I am not sure how to react to this. It's absolutely bizarre but also kind of wonderful. The Times of London has leaked that the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London will involve a carefully choreographed battle scene between 30-40 life-sized Mary Poppins and a 40 foot Lord Voldemort surrounded by a group of dementors. Yes, you read that correctly. A gaggle of Mary Poppinses will descend from the ceiling of ...

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Bloodless coup places Riders in power

  In what is being called the “Glorious Touchdown,” the Saskatchewan Roughriders declared Saturday that they now run the province. The bloodless coup took place shortly before 2 p.m. on July 14. A green-clad and beaming Pat Fiacco, flanked by Roughrider’s chairman Roger Brandvold, made the announcement to a mixture of muted resignation and fanatical applause. Brandishing the Memorandum of Understanding, Fiacco declared that a new era was upon both Regina and Saskatchewan. Grand Quarterback ...

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Faith in science

One of the largest cathedrals in the world.

When I woke up this morning, it was to the CNN story about the sudden but expected discovery of the Higgs-Boson particle by scientists at CERN in Switzerland. The Higgs-Boson, often called the “God Particle” because of the claims by physicists that without it the universe could not exist, is the long-sought particle that confirms the current model of the universe that physicists have created and lost Stephen Hawking $100 in a bet. This finding ...

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Spoiled, entitled children

I don't have to listen to you!

Bill C-38 situation shows Conservative Party isn’t concerned about thoughts that aren’t its own If you thought the Quebecois students were spoiled and entitled, take a look at our government. On June 14 (or June 13, if you follow the rules of Parliament) the last amendment to the massive omnibus budget bill C-38 was defeated by the triumphant Conservative Party, its cheers celebrating the inevitable victory of the government over the opposition and heralding the ...

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Curse the Government!

Recently, we've been hit with a lot of cursing in our Parliament. It started with Pat Martin, and his infamous tweets, saying that the Conservatives' closure on debate of the budget was "[a] fucking disgrace" and that "there's not a democracy in the world that would tolerate this jackboot shit" Soon after, when another tweeter told him he as a "foul mouthed socialist" (note the use of "socialist" as a curse word in and of ...

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Nostalgia for the Farm

The Best Part About Farming

  Ok, so this is going to sound stupid to a lot of you, but I really love being in a combine. A combine is a farm machine used for harvesting crops, if you didn’t know (surprisingly few people do). Growing up on a farm, I’ve driven a combine for several years in the fall, and it has always been some of the best times ever. I had time to myself to think about things, ...

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H*nky Chateau

I love that all of Elton John's CDs look like records

  So while browsing iTunes, I happened upon the Elton John section. I really enjoy Elton John, so I started browsing his discography, until I came upon one of my favourite albums of all time: Elton’s fifth album, Honky Chateau. It’s probably his best album, more compact than the sprawling Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and far and away easier to listen to than Madman Across the Water. Followed immediately by Don’t Shoot Me (I’m Just ...

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How Lucas fixed (then ruined) the end of Star Wars

They brought down the Empire?

So with the recent re-re-re-release of Star Wars, this time in crisp, beautiful and unnecessary blu-ray, it got me thinking about what I love about Star Wars. Of  course, as with any true Star Wars fan, this soon led to what I hate about George Lucas. There is a collective belief that Star Wars was as close to perfection as it ever could be when it was originally released, complete with cheap puppets and fake ...

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