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Tuition goes up again at U of R

The Leader-Post is reporting that tuition has gone up again at the U of R. According to the article, students can expect to see an average increase of three per cent next year, meaning that in the last two years tuition has gone up eight percent. We'll have an in-depth look at this in the next issue of the Carillon; in the meantime, why not comment either here or on the Leader-Post piece with your ...

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Hiring ends at midnight!

What's up everyone! We're accepting applications for positions at the paper until midnight tonight! So if you're interested in one of the following positions: -Summer Editor-in-Chief -Fall/Winter Editor-in-Chief -Production Manager (layout & organization) -News Editor -Copy Editor -Business Manager -Advertising Manager …then send an email to editor@carillonregina.com with a resume, a cover letter, and (if you're applying for EIC) at least two writing samples. Interviews will be on Sunday, and applicants will be contacted tomorrow ...

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In Brief (17/03/2011)

URSU elections wrapped up just in time for us to post this podcast where we tell you to vote! Ah well. John & Mason also talk about the CFS referendum boondoggle and play a couple of songs by Regina's The Jump Off, and Jon Hamelin drops by for a CIS/Canada West Cougars recap. GO COUGARS

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