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I'm the Arts and Culture Editor, as well as a writer when I'm not feeling lazy, outspoken feminist, and self-appointed cat queen.

Cold sweats

A short, narrative-switching story A downpour of rain muddied the pavement of East Hastings as a shivering woman whipped through the sinister pathways. Her black wool coat was sticking to her layer of fraying plaid underneath and a mixture of rain and sweat wiped away her day-old makeup. Her steps were meticulous as she weaved around used needles that littered the filthy pavement. Each stride was plotted and determined. The effects of her abuse had ...

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What are you going to do with that film degree?

Author: Hannah Grover | A & C Editor The U of R may not be Hollywood, but you’ve gotta start somewhere! The process of making movies is mysterious to a lot of people. It’s something that can only be seen through the eyes of the actors and the behind-the-scenes special features menu on a Blu-ray (are DVD’s outdated now?). The students of M.A.P.’s film department are shown something entirely different. As their core training, they ...

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Back to the fifty-somethings

Leo finally won and the Oscars are still racist. Who’da thunk it? So, the Academy Awards were on Sunday and people, as always, were pumped about it… no one more so than me around the Carillon office. My excitement, like the entire Internets, was surrounding the anticipation of Leonardo DiCaprio’s subsequent win (even though I really wanted him to lose because the loss of the meme just wasn’t worth it.) But at the end of ...

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With love

I was reading some Amy Hempel stories when I was trying to figure out an inspiration for this story. I came across one in my collection of her shorts that really piqued my interest called The Harvest, and it gave me the idea of an old woman who blames her problems on others due to her age. Her narration is sparse and unreliable because it is mainly complaining. The reader should not have a clear ...

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