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So long and thanks for all the headaches

Happy to move on, sad to “leave” As of the twenty-fourth page of this issue, I will no longer be an editor or writer at this paper. It’s been fun and I’ve met a bunch of funny, interesting, and intelligent people – those whom I’ve worked with and interviewed over the last two years. While I won’t be writing and editing anymore, I have accepted a position on the paper’s board of directors. If you ...

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The Big Man and the Holidays

The Best of Mike Judge’s Protracted War on Christmas But, do you recall, the most amazing holiday story of all? Oh, grow up. It’s not that one. I’m talking about King of the Hill’s best holiday episodes. The FOX comedy ran for 259 episodes across thirteen seasons, and despite flagging towards the end of its run, remains my favourite animated show of all time. Keep your South Parks, Archers, and Simpsons’. Daddy’s a man of ...

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Local Band Feature: Ballot Burner

because political punks should be a redundant phrase Ballot Burner is a punk band from Regina featuring members of Royal Red Brigade, Failed States, and Kleins 96. Made up of veterans of the punk scene, Ballot Burner is an energetic three-piece hardcore punk band taking cues from crust, grind, metal, and D-beat (do a something search for the hardcore band, Discharge) while putting forth something woefully absent from much of Regina’s punk scene – progressive ...

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Coach Taylor looking forward to next season

“It's promising. It's not like we were terrible last year. We've got a very good base, we've just got to try to add a bit to it. Ultimately, my goal is to get back to Nationals and try to have a chance to win it. We're not very far away from that, but we are probably one or two pieces away – so we have to find those one or two pieces.” – Dave Taylor

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