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I am an athlete with a writing problem, or a writer with a sports problem, you decide. When I'm not editing, playing wheelchair sports, or advocating for the disabled, you can find me de-stressing with friends.

USPORTS releases new policy

I think it’s a really positive change for the most part… it’s going to have broad impact and it uses relatively inclusive language in terms of athletes being able to play on a gendered team that’s either corresponding to the gender they were assigned at birth or the gender that they identify with.” – Cat Haines

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URSU shifts after resignation

"I voluntarily stepped down due to personal and familial circumstances. It would have made it difficult for me to give 110 per cent with my family issues. I stepped down rather than do a sloppy job as president. If you’ve seen my past performance, I’ve always went above and beyond." -- Haris Khan

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