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John Loeppky

I am an athlete with a writing problem, or a writer with a sports problem, you decide. When I'm not editing, playing wheelchair sports, or advocating for the disabled, you can find me de-stressing with friends.

Two U of R softball athletes turn pro

"I’m most excited about the opportunity to play ball and learn the game from a different perspective. I’m also really excited about the travel opportunities available. Since Austria is in the middle of Europe, it is very easy to get to almost any destination. I will have the opportunity to visit Vienna, Rome, Venice, Paris, Munich, Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Prague, and Copenhagen..." -- Mikaila Etheredge

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NBA playoff preview

“First on the list, and fourth in the rankings, are the Cleveland LeBrons. Even with the ghost of Kevin Love past starting at power forward, the Cavaliers have cemented themselves near the top of the Eastern Conference dung heap.” – John Loeppky

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Sports obituary of a trendsetter

“CTE, arthritis, post-concussion-syndrome, insert numerous broken bones here, are all front and centre on the list of workplace hazards for those who compete professionally, an ever-expanding dossier of prices paid, pro sports’ deluded version of checks and balances. A fee that many feel is worth paying.” – John Loeppky

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Rams hire new staff

“No one will truly know what to make of the coaching changes until next season gets rolling, but Gibson’s commitment to those who know the university environment and pulling from the local community to fill out his staff gives him a solid foundation going into his final hire and his first major chance to impact the team on the field at this year’s spring camp.” – John Loeppky

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