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John Loeppky

I am an MFA candidate, writer, editor, and administrative firefighter.

Many Cougars schedules released

“While we’re still a ways away from some of these teams playing, what we can do is look forward to the big games for each team, whether it’s a rematch from a particularly big game last season, or a big test against one of the best teams in Canada West, or even the CIS” – Matt Wincherauk

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Local sports offer genuinely fun experience

Not everything in Regina has to be about the Riders When you’re talking about sports in Regina, all everyone ever seems to talk about is the Riders, and while they’re great, I tend to get tired of them fairly quickly. So, if you’re like me, and get tired of the 24/7 Riders coverage, then you probably will want some sort of sports substitute to fill that gap. Well you’re in luck! In Regina, there are ...

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