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John Loeppky

I am an MFA candidate, writer, editor, and administrative firefighter.

Women’s team falls short at UBC

Disappointing loss leads into hope-filled summer This past weekend saw an end to the Cougars women’s basketball team, despite a great comeback attempt. The girl’s went up against the powerhouse basketball program of UBC, and while they got soundly defeated in game one, 75-59, they had a much better game two, despite the loss. After going down by 12 at the end of the third quarter, they managed to claw their way back into the ...

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LIT: an experience like no other

“Even the LIT alumni game has become a big part of the excitement for me. Yes, I’m incredibly out of shape and winded after the first couple of minutes, and yes, I don’t exactly have the same level of talent that I did back in high school, but goddamn it is a lot of fun.” Matt Wincherauk

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