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"Taylor MacPherson, News Editor: Taylor MacPherson was born in Saskatoon, and is currently completing an English degree at U of R. In his spare time, which is largely nonexistent, he enjoys writing fiction and film criticism, and reading cheap American thrillers."

Leak of the week

… Because shame leads to change. As part of our ongoing efforts to highlight the crumbling infrastructure at the University of Regina, the Carillon proudly presents the twelfth part of our Leak of the Week feature, in which we bring you the vital stats on the different failing roofs around campus. Location: This leak can be found in the middle of the main hallway of Campion College, an area with one of the highest levels ...

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Theatre department’s Attempts fall short

The whole may not equal the sum of its parts The theatre department’s March production of Attempts on Her Life (Martin Crimp, 2007) has just closed, following a four-night run. Attempts is a play which decided it would be avant garde and quirky well before the first line was ever written, and the production, as well as the audience, suffers for it. Attempts on Her Life is presented as a series of abstract vignettes related ...

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Conor at the Bat

Diaz defeats McGregor at UFC 196 Do you know what my favourite sports story is? “Casey at the Bat.” That’s because Thayer’s poem isn’t about an athlete conquering insurmountable odds, or a great rivalry between two champions. “Casey” is a story about hubris, and the lesson that no matter how naturally talented an athlete may be, they must always be careful not to defeat themselves in their eagerness to demonstrate their skill. Last Saturday at ...

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