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Taylor Macpherson

"Taylor MacPherson, News Editor: Taylor MacPherson was born in Saskatoon, and is currently completing an English degree at U of R. In his spare time, which is largely nonexistent, he enjoys writing fiction and film criticism, and reading cheap American thrillers."

Flowing Water on Mars

Talkin’ Mars with Dr. Martin Beech Last week, NASA confirmed that liquid water is flowing on the surface of Mars. According to the agency’s official website “researchers detected signatures of hydrated minerals on slopes where mysterious streaks are seen on the Red Planet. These darkish streaks appear to ebb and flow over time. They darken and appear to flow down steep slopes during warm seasons, and then fade in cooler seasons. They appear in several ...

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Saskatoon’s Close Talker are coming to Regina

Check them out at the Owl! URSU has teamed up with the CBC to host their Canadian Concert Series at the Owl this fall. Shows will be introduced by a CBC personality and will feature an all-Canadian line-up. The series kicks off Thursday, Sept. 24 with a performance by Saskatoon’s Close Talker and openers Yes We Mystic. I spoke with Close Talker members Matthew Kopperud, Chris Morien, and Will Quiring via telephone, just as they stepped ...

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