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Regina Band Series: Hoodoo

Musical magicians make magical music.   Regina’s music scene has a wide variety of different genres that caters to many groups of music fans. Each band brings something unique to the community and that can definitely be said for Hoodoo. Heavily influenced by jazz, blues, and hip hop, Hoodoo’s sound is a continuous jam with a free-flowing song structure relying heavily on improvisation that creates a playful environment for the listener, making a lot of ...

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The Art of Fungi: Greg Allen’s Mushrooms at the Fifth Parallel


Author: bodie robinson | A & C Writer Ever heard of rad mushroom art? Now you have. Imagine the state of the Earth about 65 million years ago following the second mass extinction, which wiped out the dinosaurs. A behemoth asteroid impacted the Earth, leaving a crater that is now known as the Gulf of Mexico. This impact flung all sorts of debris into the atmosphere, extinguishing the light of the sun. No sun, no ...

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So long and thanks for all the headaches

Happy to move on, sad to “leave” As of the twenty-fourth page of this issue, I will no longer be an editor or writer at this paper. It’s been fun and I’ve met a bunch of funny, interesting, and intelligent people – those whom I’ve worked with and interviewed over the last two years. While I won’t be writing and editing anymore, I have accepted a position on the paper’s board of directors. If you ...

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Cold sweats

A short, narrative-switching story A downpour of rain muddied the pavement of East Hastings as a shivering woman whipped through the sinister pathways. Her black wool coat was sticking to her layer of fraying plaid underneath and a mixture of rain and sweat wiped away her day-old makeup. Her steps were meticulous as she weaved around used needles that littered the filthy pavement. Each stride was plotted and determined. The effects of her abuse had ...

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