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Feeling Bummed Out? Watch The Mindy Project

It’s good, we promise School is back in session! The first day is always fun, but everyone will begin their scrounge through Netflix for their newest distraction from the syllabi come the end of the week. Since we’ll be waiting on Game of Thrones until spring of next year, I figured something a bit more upbeat would satiate us until we can know the fate of Mr. Snow. This show may not be as suspense-filled ...

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Snake River & their Songs From The Adjacent Room

from side-project to touring band in one year Regina band Snake River started as the solo project of Christopher Sleightholm (The Lonesome Weekends). Sleightholm takes the country folk elements of the Lonesome Weekends, and adds psychedelic rock distortion; the sound has a haunting, ethereal quality to it. This is more than just a side project for Sleightholm; Snake River has become his sole focus. The band is currently in the middle of an intense ten-day ...

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Local Band Feature: Ballot Burner

because political punks should be a redundant phrase Ballot Burner is a punk band from Regina featuring members of Royal Red Brigade, Failed States, and Kleins 96. Made up of veterans of the punk scene, Ballot Burner is an energetic three-piece hardcore punk band taking cues from crust, grind, metal, and D-beat (do a something search for the hardcore band, Discharge) while putting forth something woefully absent from much of Regina’s punk scene – progressive ...

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Local Musician Feature: Alex Runions

One of Regina’s rising stars charts his course Author: Ethan Butterfield — contributor There are many talented musicians in the province of Saskatchewan and many of these musicians have come from the city of Regina itself. Alex Runions is a Regina-based country singer who has been making waves recently with a new album and has a lot of shows happening down the road. Alex has found much success in his career thus far as a country ...

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Regina Band Feature: The Stoop Kids

There’s a New Rap Duo in The Queen City The Regina hip-hop scene is growing rapidly and a major part of this scene is the Stoop Kids – Kav the Bruce (Ivan) and Stupid Clay (Amoz). Ivan is the more vocal of the two and Clay speaks with his beats.   When did you first start hip-hop?   Ivan: “For me it was born when we were at Amoz’ house and recorded some track about ...

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Nic Cage Match

The worst of the worst duke it out Author: Ethan Butterfield – Contributor With every list of good things, there is one of the bad stuff. Hopefully everyone will enjoy my Top 5 Bad Nicolas Cage Movies List. I know a certain actor who won’t. Next First up on the list is Next, starring Nicolas Cage. In this film, Mr. Rage in a Cage plays a man with psychic abilities in which he can see ...

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