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Regina Band Feature: The Stoop Kids

There’s a New Rap Duo in The Queen City The Regina hip-hop scene is growing rapidly and a major part of this scene is the Stoop Kids – Kav the Bruce (Ivan) and Stupid Clay (Amoz). Ivan is the more vocal of the two and Clay speaks with his beats.   When did you first start hip-hop?   Ivan: “For me it was born when we were at Amoz’ house and recorded some track about ...

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Nic Cage Match

The worst of the worst duke it out Author: Ethan Butterfield – Contributor With every list of good things, there is one of the bad stuff. Hopefully everyone will enjoy my Top 5 Bad Nicolas Cage Movies List. I know a certain actor who won’t. Next First up on the list is Next, starring Nicolas Cage. In this film, Mr. Rage in a Cage plays a man with psychic abilities in which he can see ...

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The kickass Women of Will

Packer unpacks Shakespeare’s female characters Okay, guys, I understand. The thought of reading something that includes the descriptor “literary criticism” during summer makes a lot of us cringe. “We’ve just spent eight months on that subject. Is nothing sacred?” But, before anyone writes me off completely, Tina Packer has produced a literary criticism of Shakespeare that won’t incur horror flashbacks to English 10, is not contained in an overpriced textbook, and delivers an introspective read ...

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Cathedral Village Arts Festival 2015

The Carillon gets all artsy fartsy This past Saturday was the annual Cathedral Village Arts Festival. I was out of the country for the last two, so I was looking forward to finally being able to go this year. My main objective was to take photos, both for the Carillon and for myself; however, the event was packed, so getting a good shot was a bit tricky. I usually find that the busking stations along ...

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