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Regina reaches its Boiling Point

“There is sometimes a sense, by people who get caught up in the criminal justice system, that these are private family matters. But privacy is not private. When a case goes to court, it is the state vs. the accused. It is not a civil matter, it’s not a family who sues an accused for someone’s death, it is the state who prosecutes the person; and in that way, crime isn’t private.” – Barb Pacholik

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Film program = irrelevant?

“I don’t think it would be relevant to the film program first of all. I don’t think they could guarantee you a job in the film industry … what kind of job would they guarantee you? Like if it’s being someone’s bitch or holding a boom mic for eight hours a day, I don’t want that.” – Brenden Wishlow

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We ain’t done yet

“A lot of bands who were around then and are still around now, have had to reinvent their approach to putting out music. In a way, I think that bands can’t really make records anymore and just rely on sales. They have to play shows, and one thing we’ve always done is play shows, so for us, it’s been life as usual.” –Mike Belitsky

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