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Burning retinas one film at a time

“I love when projectors aren’t quite running right. If we’re lucky, one of them will jam and it’ll melt in the gate. It’s the best image in the world when it melts on the screen, the scream of horror from the filmmaker, and almost the applause from the crowd. Hopefully that’ll happen.” – Gerald Saul

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Taking a Tour

“When you walk into the gallery, at first it looks like any other showing. Paintings are on the walls, there’s a ceramic sculpture on display, and it’s quiet. Very, very quiet. But as you get up close and personal with the pictures, things start to take on a new form.” – Robyn Tocker

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Arts Roundtable – Send us your answers!

For we have many a question Participants: Robyn Tocker, John Loeppky, Tanner Aulie, Charlie Macdonald, Dana Morenstein   At the Public Forum on Oct. 24, Timmons mentioned a Liberal Arts Task Force. Do you think we need one/why? DM: It’s just another money grab. I’m so sick of all of this crap being done, committees and the like, as an excuse to ding students with another fee all in the name of getting shit done. RT: Depends ...

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