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Regina Band Interview Series

Regina Band Series: Hoodoo

Musical magicians make magical music.   Regina’s music scene has a wide variety of different genres that caters to many groups of music fans. Each band brings something unique to the community and that can definitely be said for Hoodoo. Heavily influenced by jazz, blues, and hip hop, Hoodoo’s sound is a continuous jam with a free-flowing song structure relying heavily on improvisation that creates a playful environment for the listener, making a lot of ...

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With the Birds

Not for the birds Only two members of With the Birds currently attend the University of Regina, but the band is most definitely a product of the school. Or a product of the U of R’s international business program, more specifically. “The lead guitarist (Dan Pearson) and I met in an economics class at the University. We did a couple projects together, talked about music, and found out we both played the guitar, so we ...

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