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University Council meeting: where’s Dennis? and recruitment ethics

University Council met again today for the second time this year. On top of the motions passed at today’s meeting (which I will get to later), two important issues were brought up during Council’s meeting: the absence of Vice President (Research) Dennis Fitzpatrick and the university’s ethics regarding international student recruitment. Early in the meeting, President Timmons was questioned as to whether or not Fitzpatrick had been fired or not. Timmons said, “I’m not able ...

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Junofest interview with Lauren Mann

Friday and Saturday were the most important parts of all the Juno shenanigans–actual live music. Junofest showcased a wide array of great musical acts from all over Canada, with a good deal of Saskatchewan artists in the mix. Even if you view the awards ceremony as nothing more than an industry circlejerk, the festival surrounding it did shine some light on some great Canadian acts. I caught up with Lauren Mann after her set at ...

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Even Mayor Fougere wouldn’t live there

I guess it is sort of pretty, in an industrial, polluting kind of way

I was going to save this for the second Hate Feature (first one is here) that is coming out Thursday, but once I started writing I realized that all that needed to be said about this subject could not fit into the hundred words that the Hate Feature gives me. The new Somerset neighbourhood development that Regina City Council approved on Monday, March 18 is a terrible idea on every single level and demonstrates everything ...

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Wolseley: Canada’s Worst Neighbourhood

Last week, the Federal riding redistribution commission made their preliminary report and suggested new Federal ridings for Saskatchewan. While these new riding divisions are a marked improvement over the ridings that we currently have, which throw generally progressive urban voters together with their more conservative rural cousins, one major oversight appears to have been made with the riding of Regina-Qu’Appelle. While Regina will now have two nearly-exclusive urban ridings if the new plans are approved, ...

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