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Do you even argue?

Examining ad hominem Article: Michael Chmielewski – Editor-in-Chief rguments, as in intellectual debates, are something to be cherished. They should be engaged in actively, especially in a university setting. Of course, they are certain rules of etiquette concerning argumentation. This etiquette is mostly just avoiding “fallacies,” or things that weaken an argument. One of the most abused fallacies is ad hominem, where rather than dealing with what someone is saying, or the merits of their ...

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One for the record books

: “We’ve already played against most of the teams in the tournament and have had quite a bit of success against them. If we stick together as a team, something we’ve done well all season, I think we’ll have great outcomes. We have a chance to compete with every team that comes out.” – Leah Shevkenek

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The need for feminism

Clearing up some misconceptions about feminism Article: Sonia Stanger – Contributor n an article in last week’s Carillon entitled “Can we talk about feminism?” a few issues were raised that I would like to take up. Heck yeah, let’s talk about feminism! Feminism is, essentially, the movement to end systemic social and political gender inequalities, sure. But it’s a common misconception that for women to be raised up, it must be at the expense of ...

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