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URSU To Hold By-Election

As representatives of the students’ union, we can’t really choose a side for the students because there are students on both sides of the argument. I have students coming up to me saying I don’t really like Vianne and I have students saying I do really like Vianne. We need to focus on that this isn’t really a good use of university resources. - Nathan Sgrazzutti, President of URSU

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Parking Wars!

Article: Raenna Gohm – Contributor Parking has been an ongoing problem at the University of Regina for years. Students, including myself, are often late for classes due to parking problems. Sometimes students have to park nine or more blocks away just to avoid a ticket. Of course, for some students this is the only option once the university sells out of parking passes. Last year’s parking was already tight and limited; this year the parking ...

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