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URSU Executive gets a raise

“These people were thrust into a situation in their very second meeting of term, where they were being forced to decide if we should make a fairly large expenditure or a raise in salary for these students’ union members, without having received any documentation like how to do your job, or without necessarily having any familiarity of past functioning in regards to these matters.” –Devon Peters

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Turmoil in Egypt resurfaces

The Muslim Brotherhood, who were accused of trying to gain a monopoly of power during Morsi’s rule and who had also supported Morsi, are now claiming that those who support them are being killed mercilessly by troops, police or thugs who are supported by the current interim administration, who control the police. Social networking websites have made it clear through videos and witnesses that those who support Morsi use rocks, firebombs and firearms against their opposition, who behave similarly.

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30 Countries, three days, one city

Regina’s festival of cultures brings the city to life Article: Robyn Tocker – A&C Editor When people think of Canada, the word “mosaic” is often the first thing that comes to mind. The country is diverse and Canada’s celebration of its cultural differences trickles down through urban centers, especially Regina. For 46 years, the city of Regina has hosted its Mosaic festival. The way the festival works is simple. Pavilions representing 30 different countries are ...

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