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URSU election results announced

Devon Peters wins second term; Yes side wins U-Pass referendum The 2015 University of Regina Students’ Union (URSU) election results are in. Incumbent President Devon Peters beat his opponent Daniella Zemlak to win a second term. Peters won 1626 votes to Zemlak’s 1177. The Yes side of the referendum question, of whether or not URSU should negotiate a universal bus pass (U-Pass) with the city, also won 1520 to 1278. The new URSU executive, who ...

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A decade after Hunter S. Thompson

Too weird to live, too rare to die They say that one should never meet their heroes. “They can never live up to the ideal person that you’ve mentally made them out to be,” someone once told me. I never got the chance to meet one of my heroes. By the time I first became familiar with his work, he was already dead. In my lifetime, he was an incoherent mess. A crippled shell that ...

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