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Special Feature

Shit the Carillon says

Actual conversations heard around the office by the Staff Once again, production night plagues us all like that last bout of syphilis we can never seem to shake. And, once again, all we need to do is to have one of our editors take notes of the conversations that go on behind closed doors in the wee hours of the morning. Enjoy our verbal masturbation with “Shit the Carillon says”: Regarding the slippery slope of ...

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The bloodshed in Bangkok has begun

Article: Dietrich Neu – Foreign Correspondent n Saturday, a 21-year-old university student was shot twice in the ribs during the increasingly violent Bangkok protests that have swarmed government institutions and city streets. Analysts were nervous about this day for a long time. They speculated for weeks about whether the protests would culminate in violence – like they have so many times in Thailand’s past. In addition to the shooting, two more students were killed in ...

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