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Saskatchewan electoral boundaries redrawn

Nowhere else in Canada were these kinds of ridings common practice; Saskatchewan [is] unique. This came from a thinking in the 1960s that Saskatchewan is an agricultural province, therefore every single MP should have a rural area in his or her riding… the obvious problem with that, is things change. - Dr. Lee Ward, political science professor at Campion College

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New Names in Saskatchewan – The Business Boom

The Boom is bringing a new era of business owners Article: Adam Gamble – Contributor Across Saskatchewan, new businesses are opening their doors. Some are in small towns while others are in cities like Saskatoon and Regina. No matter where these new names appear, they continue to affect the peoples of this province. According to a 2011 Statistics Canada report on Canadian businesses, Saskatchewan had 90 businesses per population of 1,000. Out of these 90 ...

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Drinking on Campus

The purpose was to make sure that students who were underage felt welcome and included in the activities [of the first weekend in residence]. That’s why we did it. - Lindsay Robertson, Assistant Manager of Residence Life at Residence Services

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URSU To Hold By-Election

As representatives of the students’ union, we can’t really choose a side for the students because there are students on both sides of the argument. I have students coming up to me saying I don’t really like Vianne and I have students saying I do really like Vianne. We need to focus on that this isn’t really a good use of university resources. - Nathan Sgrazzutti, President of URSU

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