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URSU election results announced

Devon Peters wins second term; Yes side wins U-Pass referendum The 2015 University of Regina Students’ Union (URSU) election results are in. Incumbent President Devon Peters beat his opponent Daniella Zemlak to win a second term. Peters won 1626 votes to Zemlak’s 1177. The Yes side of the referendum question, of whether or not URSU should negotiate a universal bus pass (U-Pass) with the city, also won 1520 to 1278. The new URSU executive, who ...

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Rally at U of R to protest relationships with Israeli Institutions

Press release rules out controversial arrangement with Hebrew U, and study tour A group of local concerned students, faculty, and community members under the banner of “Coalition for a Free Palestine” held a rally at the University of Regina today. Those on campus saw upwards of 50 people start the rally in the Riddell Centre, and then move to Dean of Business Andrew Gaudes’ office, eventually ending the rally on the 5th floor of Administration ...

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The Other Woman sucks

A solid waste of life Article: Tatenda Chikukwa – Contributor The Other Woman is much more horrible than the trailer advertised. There are moments in this film where one wonders how such dribble could make it to the big screen. I honestly didn’t expect a masterpiece film, but I was surprised at how horrible it kept on getting. Just when you think it can’t get any worse or nonsensical, it does! From long-running pointless dialogue, ...

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