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U of R Confessions highlights students’ discontent

Yes, for the most part, the U of R Confessions page is a cesspool of racism, objectification, and downright dismissiveness that shows the world our campus' ugliest side. Sometimes, though, there are rays of sunshine like a vocal advocate for mental health commenting on someone's post about how they're currently feeling, validating their experiences, and (hopefully) creating a better environment for them on campus. Then, there are the URSU complaints, the most recent being posted on Jan. 31. 

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Money and happiness

We hear it time and time again: “Money doesn’t buy happiness.” The reason that phrase works is because most of us will never experience a great abundance of wealth in our lifetime. In fact, our generation is the first that has been predicted and observed as earning less wealth than our parents.

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If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t think that media or the way we consume it needs to be criticized, then…well, this is a pretty extreme example of a reason you might be wrong, so I’d still recommend considering it.

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Known colloquially as the toxic masculinity advertisement, the video shows clips of sexual harassment, cyberbullying, men making excuses that “boys will be boys,” and then encourages men to not only abstain from these behaviours, but also to stand up against them when they occur.

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