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Don’t be a jerk at live shows

So, yes. I hate people who attend live music concerts. Now, I realize this is like saying, “I hate bread because it’s what I hold my sandwich together with,” but bear with me. Have you ever been to a performance where you enjoyed yourself? You look around, and the crowd is into it, and you’re feeling positive energy as the artist finishes their song. Then, as they begin to play another one, a minute or so in you heard this loud, high-pitched, annoying sound behind you.

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Snake tips

I admit that I do not personally understand snake-phobia, when said phobia extends to all snakes of all sizes, venomous or not. Like, obviously, being afraid of a king cobra, an anaconda, or a black mamba makes sense. I definitely would not be in the room with one of those guys out and about. But being so afraid of a pet snake that you won’t enter a room with one inside is pretty ridiculous, especially if that pet snake is hanging out in its enclosure.

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Goodbye, semester

As yet another semester comes to a close, I find myself reflecting on the absolute Red-Bull-fuelled enigma that was the last three to four months. I reflect on what I’ve done, what I failed to do, what I simply forgot to do, and what I “forgot” to do. I wonder if my accomplishments measure up to those around me, or if my essays are of a higher standard than most, or if, as a student, I am somehow contributing to the universe simply by existing. To those thoughts, I want to say “fuck you.”

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We love op-eds

Many, especially as of late, consider a differentiation of opinion to be something of a sensitive subject. People don’t want to hear what others have to say, and instead prefer to live a life sheltered off from arguments and debates. The painful truth of the matter is, however, that those arguments and debates are what help lead to conclusions based on the information brought up. This, regarding journalism, is so incredibly important in regard to sections like that of op-ed.

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Thank you, and goodbye

I’m especially thankful for the opportunity this university newspaper has given me. Through my tenure as a contributor, op-ed editor, and executive director, I’ve been pushed to the limits of my personal and intellectual capabilities. Through all the long nights editing, writing op-eds or finishing employee T4s, it has taught me how to be a professional and how to persevere under every circumstance. To all my coworkers and contributors at the Carillon, thank you for your work for the paper, today and tomorrow.

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