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Temporary workers, permanent problems

What to do about jobless Canadians and squeezed Author – John Murney –  Contributor The topic of Temporary Foreign Workers (TFW’s) is a very hot one in Saskatchewan these days. There are impassioned opinions on all sides of this issue. I’ve been reluctant to wade into this controversy, but I feel that its time I spoke up on this important matter. I have mixed feelings about the program. I am in favour of it, because it ...

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Journey to the Fan Expo

It’s like a cooler renaissance fair Article: Brian Allan – Contributor With the recent rise in the popularity of superhero movies, events like the San Diego Comic-Con (or SDCC) have become important places for companies to announce new movies, TV shows, and debut trailers. The so-called “nerd” audience is seen as an important part of the movie-going public. That audience (of which I consider myself a part), in turn, enjoys getting to see footage of ...

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Point, counter point on cheating

The reason why people cheat Article: Michael Chmielewski – Editor-in-chief urely everyone’s seen it at one point or another. The cell phone, little pieces of paper, or whatever the newer methods are. Cheating is prevalent at universities, and the U of R is no exception. Cheating makes a degree at the U of R worth much less. There needs to be an orchestrated effort to prevent cheating at our institution, and this can be done ...

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Philosophy matters

Let’s sit down and think for a moment Article: Dan Sherven – Contributor peculiar thought to contemplate is that of multiverse theory. The theory states that there are an infinite amount of universes all co-existing at the exact same time in a larger multiverse. This is true to the extent that every single possible combination of events and subsequent effects has existed, will exist, or do exist. This means that every imaginable chain of decisions ...

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Capitalism and friendship

Buying friends? Article: Arthur Ward – Technical Manager oday, everything has a price tag attached to it. Food, shelter, even water comes at a cost. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when I add friendship to that list. I can remember those campfire tales where the moral of the story was one that portrayed friendship as mutual affection and regard between two or more folk. In today’s capitalistic society, we can have friendship custom ...

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MH370: Organized Negligence or Displaced Political Anger?

Could politics be the reason for the missing plane? Article: Ravinesh Sakaran – Contributor alaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has confirmed that the missing Malaysian Airlines plane, MH370, went down in the southern Indian Ocean, citing a new analysis of satellite data by a British satellite company and accident investigators. According to CNN, Najib Razak’s statement comes after Malaysian Airlines sent a text message to all the relatives saying they “deeply regret that we have ...

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