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Awareness to the arts

Article: Ethan Stein – Contributor he University of Regina’s new campaign to draw attention to the Arts is a decent idea and directly attacks frustrating, half-baked criticisms leveled at the faculty. So why do I see fellow Arts majors criticizing the campaign on Facebook? The intentions behind the videos are decent; while I think a more proactive change (in say, administrative policy or faculty funding) would be more helpful, I can appreciate the ad campaign’s ...

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There are things to do in Regina

Article: Alec Salloum – News Editor ver hear someone say, “There’s never anything to do in Regina?” Or, how about, “We have nothing going on here and this city has absolutely no culture?” Having lived in Regina for two decades and hearing such sentiments ad nauseam, I’ve gotten really damn tired of this attitude. Regina is currently growing, in population and in culture, and with that there is a wealth of things to do in ...

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Confessions of a retail worker

Article: Autumn McDowell – Sports Editor urrently, I have three jobs, but I only really like one of them. That’s probably because the other two are in retail. Almost everyone has experienced the joys and miseries of a retail job at some point in their life; a job that you hold simply for the great discount, but have no intentions of making a career out of. Sound familiar? The truth is that, if it weren’t ...

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Second reading week debate

[poll id=”14″] PRO – Paige Kreutzwieser – Staff Writer tart a day early and compress finals a day shorter for the chance to have one full week off in the fall semester? That in and of itself is a great argument. However, since I wasn’t allowed to write “hell yes” 250 times to prove my point (and meet my 500 word count), I am here to now prove to you, my fellow comrades, that we must ...

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My feminist haircut

“I don’t particularly care how people view my sexuality, or my femininity for that matter, and if someone thinks that I’m a ‘damaged’ woman because I have short hair, then wow, they can just stay as far away from me as possible, thanks.” –Jessica Bickford  

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Do you even argue?

Examining ad hominem Article: Michael Chmielewski – Editor-in-Chief rguments, as in intellectual debates, are something to be cherished. They should be engaged in actively, especially in a university setting. Of course, they are certain rules of etiquette concerning argumentation. This etiquette is mostly just avoiding “fallacies,” or things that weaken an argument. One of the most abused fallacies is ad hominem, where rather than dealing with what someone is saying, or the merits of their ...

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