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This September, vote no to CUPE

Article: Alexandra Mortensen – Contributor On Sept. 25, the City of Regina is holding a referendum on the use of a Public-Private Partnership (P3) model for a much needed sewage treatment plant. The city council voted unanimously in favour of moving forward with a P3; however, a petition requesting a referendum on the question was circulated and accepted. We now face a referendum that will not only cost taxpayers additional money, but will also greatly delay ...

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Mandela: The Hero We Need

In a time when a lot of things seem wrong with the world — Zimmerman vs. Martin, Canadian senator deception, elementary school shootings, conflicts in Syria, another dreadful Blue Jays season (which may not compare but it’s still painful) — it’s challenging to find some optimism. Where does one look to find the silver lining? One place to start is to look at popular figures who exemplify dignity and nobility. And one name comes to ...

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A Message from the Tabloid Aisle

Article – John Loeppky – Contributor There are three types of celebrities: the ones who were famous because of some sort of family relative (didn’t realize you were reading this, Mr. Trump), the ones who are famous for something stupid (cough, cough, Kim Kardashian), and finally, the ones who actually have done something amazing with their lives.             Yet, because society is made up of idiots, we care about them all equally. Not only that, we ...

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