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The Existence Question

The existence question will never be solved, but what are the benefits of pondering it? Article: Dan Sherven – Contributor Why is our failure to understand existence a taboo subject? I’m sure that you’ve had the experience of being deep in thought and realizing that it is bizarre you exist. It’s the moment of realizing that all the things you find important in your life are founded on the presupposition that your existence has a ...

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Fougere Wins

Article: Sean Wilson – Contributor This has been a very busy summer for municipal politics in Regina. Headlining the drama at City Hall was the group “Regina Water Watch” who were successful in forcing a referendum on financing and operation of the waste water treatment plant. For those who don’t know, the city plans to finance the project through a P3 (Public Private Partnership) model, which sees a private company build and operate the plant ...

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