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What’s wrong with: FIFA

“In his night show Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, John Oliver showed in a sketch how FIFA imposes its own laws during the World Cup and supersedes those of the host nation. The major thing that annoys me, however, is the wasteful stadium building that nations engage in to win the hosting of the World Cup.” – Taras Matkovsky

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Women’s team falls short at UBC

Disappointing loss leads into hope-filled summer This past weekend saw an end to the Cougars women’s basketball team, despite a great comeback attempt. The girl’s went up against the powerhouse basketball program of UBC, and while they got soundly defeated in game one, 75-59, they had a much better game two, despite the loss. After going down by 12 at the end of the third quarter, they managed to claw their way back into the ...

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A Ryder Cup of hockey?

“I’m not going to lie, I am proud of the fact that I wore my beer-soaked team Canada jersey for three full days without taking it off while Canada was in the elimination rounds of the 2014 Olympics, and I am going to be hard pressed to even watch a tournament that’s full of college and AHL players in the 2018 Olympics.” – Harrison Brooks

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