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Sports roundtable

john loeppky – sports editor destiny kaus – production manager harrison brooks – sports writer matt wincherauk – editor-in-chief What was your favourite sports story from this past summer, and why? Kaus: The fact that the Blue Jays dominated this past summer and are still kicking major butt in their season is definitely my fave. I’ve never witnessed this kind of Blue Jays success before in my young life, so I’m pretty stoked about how ...

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Don’t forget the rest

Michael Sam, the short time Montreal Aloutte, is just the latest athlete to feel the wrath of a collective fandom that can’t understand why a man (because, you know, men’s sports are the only ones worth paying any attention to – note the dripping sarcasm) would just leave his team, the one always reffered to as a brotherhood. Look, the Alouettes are not a religious order, they are not part of a video game franchise, they are not encircled in some kind of creepy ritual, they are just a football team. Save the leaving people behind rhetoric exactly that, behind.” – John Loeppky

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Top 5 Canadian summer sports storylines

“What is most telling is the fact that the Jays went on a shopping spree (in trading for David Price and Troy Tulowitzki), was the exact opposite of the repeated yard sales they have held in previous years. This is a team that has realized its potential. The inevitable crash and burn conclusion of this season has been held at bay for longer than most would have predicted.” – John Loeppky

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Community-filled roller derby final

“The bout showcased some remarkable athleticism as the teams fought for the Callie Cup. Most notably, the two jammers of the Beaver Dames and Lockdown Lolita’s respectably, number 314, Bazinga, and X13, Michete. made some pretty impeccable plays on the rink, from steadily leading power jams, to slicing through the pack, causing each member to fall in their midst.” – Hannah Grover

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Twitter an athlete’s best friend and enemy

:”In the ever-expanding technological world that we live in, social media, especially Twitter, has become the biggest medium for getting news to people all over the world, and is a good way for fans to connect with their favourite athlete or celebrity. For example, just the other day, NHL player Tyler Sequin tweeted that he wanted someone to bring him a burger while he was at practice and, sure enough, one of his fans delivered a cheeseburger to him at the rink.” – Harrison Brooks

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Regina Thunder rushing to nationals

“Last year, we had a good team but this year, I think we have a lot more veterans starting now – [everyone’s] gonna get better with age, people are more comfortable with the plays. [For] example, we’re running [the] ball a lot better this year than we have in past years and I’d say that’s because we have a more veteran line that knows what’s going on… when you’re more veteran, you have more confidence because you feel you have a better skillset than other players and when you have more confidence, you usually play better.” – Colton Klassen

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