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Sports obituary of a trendsetter

“CTE, arthritis, post-concussion-syndrome, insert numerous broken bones here, are all front and centre on the list of workplace hazards for those who compete professionally, an ever-expanding dossier of prices paid, pro sports’ deluded version of checks and balances. A fee that many feel is worth paying.” – John Loeppky

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Rams hire new staff

“No one will truly know what to make of the coaching changes until next season gets rolling, but Gibson’s commitment to those who know the university environment and pulling from the local community to fill out his staff gives him a solid foundation going into his final hire and his first major chance to impact the team on the field at this year’s spring camp.” – John Loeppky

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Local sports offer genuinely fun experience

Not everything in Regina has to be about the Riders When you’re talking about sports in Regina, all everyone ever seems to talk about is the Riders, and while they’re great, I tend to get tired of them fairly quickly. So, if you’re like me, and get tired of the 24/7 Riders coverage, then you probably will want some sort of sports substitute to fill that gap. Well you’re in luck! In Regina, there are ...

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Coach Taylor looking forward to next season

“It's promising. It's not like we were terrible last year. We've got a very good base, we've just got to try to add a bit to it. Ultimately, my goal is to get back to Nationals and try to have a chance to win it. We're not very far away from that, but we are probably one or two pieces away – so we have to find those one or two pieces.” – Dave Taylor

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