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The CrossFit craze

“The gym not only houses Olympic weightlifting equipment, but also works with members who consider themselves elite athletes. These athletes have the option of participating in many CrossFit competitions across North America.” –Suzanne Barber

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Breaking a sweat and building confidence

"Although the class is focused on protecting oneself, it is clear that the class is also about building confidence, practicing discipline and, of course, getting a workout. As an athlete, a class like this would be very complimentary to other fitness regimens, particularly if you are looking to gain strength on the non-dominant side of your body.” –Suzanne Barber

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The legacy of Steve Nash

“Considering his achievements, influential legacy, the statistical odds of developing Canadian NBA talent amidst numerous American prospects, and the prevalence of historically similar Canadian hockey legends, Steve Nash may be the greatest – and most unlikely – Canadian athlete ever.” –Peter Steele

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