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CD Reviews – The Jump Off: Pillaging

The Jump Off
Harvest King

Eric Trylinski is pretty young, all told. Certainly too young to have this voice. The Jump Off’s lead singer is basically all throaty howl, sounding like a pissed-off James Murphy or Andy Falkous after hanging around with the Rapture for a week. But it fits the Jump Off’s aggressive dance-rock; whether you dance or mosh, you’re apt to sweat. The Regina-based band’s rhythm section is absolutely tight across Pillaging’s svelte 21 minutes. There are times when that tightness actually works a bit against them – the drums and bass are in such lockstep both rhythmically and in terms of their production that the guitars occasionally sound sterile. And the synth-loaded sound, while full and dense, lacks a bit of the immediacy of the band’s live show. But strong hooks in songs like “Lesson Plan” and the title track are too compelling for production weirdness to obscure. This is the band’s first studio work; considering how young they are, there’s a lot of promise on display in Pillaging. By the time the Jump Off record a full-length, they can hopefully balance studio tightness with the pissed-off charm that will likely get people to pick up Pillaging in the first place.

John Cameron

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  1. Strong review for a strong Regina band! Way to go guys!, you're on your way!

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