Far-Right group stages self-proclaimed social experiment


author: ethan butterfield | staff writer

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NAFF organizers advertise protest

It seems this September has been on everyone’s radar. The recent happenings (or happening) that has taken place in Canada is one that needs to be discussed in more detail so that a broader picture can be seen from all angles.

The topic in question is during early September when the North American Freedom Fighters [NAFF] organization decided to enact an operation entitled ‘Project Boom’.

Now for those who aren’t sure, NAFF is a non-profit organization that works in separate division-based groups. NAFF operates within both the U.S.A. and Canada, having most of their organizations rallies based in provincial sectors.

Some of NAFF’s biggest focuses is on the influx of immigrants into Canada, as well as the increasing ‘islamisization’ of Canada and its government.

Most of these acts are typically seen taking place in locations/cities such as Edmonton and Calgary, the province of Saskatchewan being no stranger to this as well.

As mentioned earlier, in September (specifically on the second) the NAFF division in Alberta ran an operation entitled “Project Boom”. The main point of this project was to trick Anti-Fascist Action [Antifa] and other left-wing members into thinking that, fundamentally, a real rally/threat was going on.

How this was done was by convincing said members, through sources such as social media, that they were running a hate rally or terror attack. The end results was quite significant in terms of financial dues and response.

A few unconfirmed sources had estimated the cost of such an act was around the $50,000 margin, whereas, in regard to response, police had shown up to the location in question to deter any violence that may have occurred as result of the two parties being on the scene.

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