Rams Ryan Schienbein named offensive player of the week


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Running away with it all / Nathan McCarville

Rams slotback got some praise for his play

One Rams player got some conference recognition for his week two play against the University of Alberta. Ryan Schienbein played a strong game throughout, with a career-high 13 receptions, 176 receiving yards, and three touchdown catches in the dominating 51-13 win over the Golden Bears.  

When asked about being named the Canada West Offensive Player of the Week, Schienbein was humbled by the news. 

“It’s a great honour. Its something that I have been working towards the last couple of seasons, but I believe its more of an offensive [team] award than an individual award.” 

Schienbein also felt the award reflects on his teammates more than it does on himself.  

“It shows how dynamic our offence is and how well we played together that week. “ 

Boy did it show. The Rams went on an absolute tear against the Golden bears, with the offence just piling up on the U of A, especially in the second half when they went on a 30-0 run to close out the game.  

And still, the Rams look onto improving on their play even after such a blowout game. Schienbein mentions how the team wants to learn from each game and improve on what they did wrong.  

“I still think we are developing and building, but we were better than we were in week 1. That’s our goal each week, to be better than the week prior. We hopefully will be better this upcoming week.”  

To that point, the Rams did have a close match against the University of British Columbia, winning by a last second field goal from kicker Aldo Galvan. After going down early, the Rams were able to rally back up and successfully snatch victory on the foot of Galvan.  

Going into the game, Schienbein made sure to have his game face on against the Hardy Cup finalists.  

“We are playing a great opponent. They have some great coaches and some great players, but I believe we are comfortable in our abilities.”  

When asked about if he has another game like he did against the Golden Bears under his sleeve, he was quick to mention that his fellow teammates can have similar offensive outbursts. 

“We have a ton of weapons on offence. We have some great receivers and great running backs. Whoever Noah [Picton] chooses it go with, I am sure it is going to be the right reason.”  

During the game, Schienbein appeared to be the reason again for Picton, as he passed to the slotback 5 times, recoding 86 yards in the process.  

With their victory here, hopefully the Rams see that they continue their efforts and this time make a serious run to the Hardy Cup.  

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