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Capitalism and friendship

Buying friends? Article: Arthur Ward – Technical Manager oday, everything has a price tag attached to it. Food, shelter, even water comes at a cost. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when I add friendship to that list. I can remember those campfire tales where the moral of the story was one that portrayed friendship as mutual affection and regard between two or more folk. In today’s capitalistic society, we can have friendship custom ...

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The Phantom returns

DJI’s Phantom gets a major upgrade Article: Arthur Ward – Technical Editor I’m sure we all have seen the Star Wars movies and marvelled at the fact that modern technology knew no bounds. We’ve been anxiously waiting for the day advanced robots, drones, travelling through space at light speed and cutting through anything with a beam of light are no longer a thing of science fiction. Well, my friends, that day is finally here. Well, sort ...

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Lights, camera, people

Article: Arthur Ward – Technical Editor One of the reasons why I love photography so much is because it allows me to work with and meet new and interesting people. Someone once told me that photographers are the most anti-social individuals because they calculate all the shots in their head and all they do is direct poses from behind their camera. I thought about this for a while and in doing so, it had an ...

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Bad Apples

“Affected users will have to schedule an appointment with an Apple Genius (Apple certified customer support technician) at their local Apple retail store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider to get their device replaced.” –Arthur ward

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