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Get out more

I thoroughly believe that Regina's music scene has the potential to become something far bigger than what it is now; but without the support of our own community, all of that talent is going to get up and move someplace else." - Scott Pettigrew

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Tom Jackson returns to Regina

The Huron Carole progenitor talked with the Carillon about his creative life In a press release marking Tom Jackson’s upcoming Huron Carole performance in Regina, the legendary Canadian was billed as an actor, singer, and lifetime philanthropist. The Order of Canada officer, however, would like to add one more title to his description. “I would say, currently, my passion in all of those categories could be capsulized by saying I’m a writer,” says Jackson, the author ...

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The kickass Women of Will

Packer unpacks Shakespeare’s female characters Okay, guys, I understand. The thought of reading something that includes the descriptor “literary criticism” during summer makes a lot of us cringe. “We’ve just spent eight months on that subject. Is nothing sacred?” But, before anyone writes me off completely, Tina Packer has produced a literary criticism of Shakespeare that won’t incur horror flashbacks to English 10, is not contained in an overpriced textbook, and delivers an introspective read ...

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