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Right now, the Federal Minister of Health, and the Minster of Environment and Climate Change have until October 15, 2017 to decide on whether to act on the recently proposed changes to the Canadian Environmental Protections Act (CEPA).

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Even Mayor Fougere wouldn’t live there

I guess it is sort of pretty, in an industrial, polluting kind of way

I was going to save this for the second Hate Feature (first one is here) that is coming out Thursday, but once I started writing I realized that all that needed to be said about this subject could not fit into the hundred words that the Hate Feature gives me. The new Somerset neighbourhood development that Regina City Council approved on Monday, March 18 is a terrible idea on every single level and demonstrates everything ...

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Spoiled, entitled children

I don't have to listen to you!

Bill C-38 situation shows Conservative Party isn’t concerned about thoughts that aren’t its own If you thought the Quebecois students were spoiled and entitled, take a look at our government. On June 14 (or June 13, if you follow the rules of Parliament) the last amendment to the massive omnibus budget bill C-38 was defeated by the triumphant Conservative Party, its cheers celebrating the inevitable victory of the government over the opposition and heralding the ...

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